Murraya Paniculata vs Choisya Ternata

Even though Choisya is a very distinctive evergreen plant with it’s appearance and aroma, it can sometimes be mistaken with another flowering shrub called Murraya Paniculata.

Choisya’a nick name mock orange has also been used for Murraya.

When you take a look at Murraya Paniculata, you will instantly realize why one has often been mistaken for the other. It’s not easy to tell the difference between the two.

They are both under the same umbrella from scientific classification down until the family of Rutaceae. After which, they split and differences start to appear as their own genus.

Choisya Murraya
Native Mexico, South & Southwestern USA South & Southeast Asia, Northern Australia
Nick name Mock Orange Orange Jasmine
Lifespan Perennial Perennial
Flowering April to May, Autumn Year round
Max height Approximately 2.5m Approximately 3.5m
Best climate Seasonal Tropical
Maintenance Low High
Form Evergreen shrub Evergreen shrub

Unless you are familiar with both types of plants, it won’t be easy to tell them apart.

However, the easiest method to differentiate them is the geographic location of where you have encountered them.

As Choisya is known to grow in Parts of America and Europe, and Murraya in parts of Asia and Australia.