3 Beautiful Flowers For Garden Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing with the energy that exist in an environment and is often practiced on homes and offices.

The garden is part of a home that can reap great benefits of feng shui when designed with it in mind.

One of the things to consider is what type of plants and flowers to grow in the garden.

Here are 3 of the all time favorites that can invite positive energy into the house.

1) Magnolias

Magnolia flowers are one of the plants in which the Chinese don’t just consider beautiful, but also a symbol of feminine beauty.

Centuries ago, such is the treasure of a plant magnolias are considered as, only the imperial family and the emperor himself is allowed to cultivate it. And they only do so on their own premises.

Unlike peonies which can represent beauty of the lustful kind, the presence of magnolias are commonly used as an enhancer for romance luck and marital bliss.

This is one reason why they are often a flower of choice for wedding bouquets.

2) Narcissus

The narcissus plant is believed to help a person unlock hidden talents and aide in career advancement.

It is symbolic of recognition and rise in stature.

Grow it in your garden to boost the career luck of members in the household.

3) Orchids

It might surprise some people to learn that in China, the orchid in feng shui is considered a more masculine flower than a feminine one.

They represent perfection and is an enhancer of fertility luck.

In general, they are considered very auspicious plants and would be a great addition to any feng shui garden.

Bad feng shui plants

Healthy and flowering plants are always good in welcoming positive energy into the house.

It goes without saying that a garden in turmoil filled with dead or dying plants will be harvesting bad energy.

Whatever the case, be mindful of growing plants with thorns.

Such plants should be avoided as they emit bad energy.

Yes. This means that if you are growing roses in the front yard, only do so if you are willing to remove the thorns regularly if you have feng shui in mind.