Health Benefits Of Choisya Essential Oil

Using oil extracts of plants for medical purposes has been around for centuries. How else do you think people get medication in the years before factories started to manufacture western medicine by the masses?

But in recent decades, there has been a rising trend towards holistic healing and the application of more traditional methods of health maintenance.

And one of those major trends has been the rise of essential oils in the application of aromatherapy among others.

Aromatherapy is basically using the aromatic scent contained in the essential oil of flowering and non-flowering plants for healing purposes. Some essential oils are so harmless to skin that spas and massage parlors even use it as a massage oil.

But be warned.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you shouldn’t use any essential oils directly on your skin. This is because these are very concentrated substances that can cause allergic reactions on the human body.

In extreme cases, it can even cause death. This is why you should always practice caution dealing with essential oils of any plant.

Choisya has an indulging scent of Mexican orange. And as you would expect, so does it’s oil extracts. But that’s not all you get with Choisya.

Here are the benefits of Choisya essential oil.

1) Anti-inflammatory

This is an eye-opening discovery when I first looked into the essential oil of Choisya ternata… because how many types of essential oil do you know that has anti-inflammatory attributes?

But the laboratory research report is conclusive.

2) Pest repellent

If you grow Choisya in your garden, you might notice that it’s beautiful and delicious scent can attract various types of animals and bugs.

But on the other end of the scale, it’s scent actually repels a lot of pest that causes us harm like mosquitoes.

So use this as a great natural insect repellent and leave the toxic that comes in spray cans at home.

3) Sleep enhancer

Sleep is a healing activity for almost all types of health conditions because it allows the body to get into a recharging mode.

It’s not always about the quantity of sleep you get. It’s about the quality too.

In fact, you can find it as a remedy or all types of conditions including for weight loss, skin care, influenza, etc. Good rest is not something we can indulge in everyday.

The scent of diffusing Choisya is so relaxing that you’d be sleeping like a baby before you know it.

4) Anxiety

The scent of Choisya essential oil has a calming effect on users.

This nerve-calming quality makes it a great remedy for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

The implications of this goes even wider.

Because of the calming effect it can arouse, it can be helpful in alleviating headaches, migraines, nervousness, depression, and general mental stress.

So next time you get home from a bad day at work, dropping a couple of drops of Choisya into the diffuser might help you relax faster than you think.

5) Respiratory stimulator

You wouldn’t believe how lovely the scent of Choisya is until you try it for the first time.

Because this is not a shrub that flourish in any climate, only people who live in specific geographic areas or those who have a specific interest in it will have the pleasant experience of smelling it.

With it’s stimulating nature, it can loosen up the phlegm while relieving congestion issues associated with respiratory conditions.

This makes it a great home remedy for mild conditions like cough, cold, sinus issues, etc.

Using Choisya essential oil

While the scientific community continues to put hours into research on Choisya’s essential oil extracts, there is still no definitive answer on how safe it is to be applied directly to skin in large quantities.

So for now, if you are going to put this scent into your home or office, it’s best to just use it with a natural or electrical diffuser to spread the aromatic scent around the place.

Even if Choisya cannot heal you from a bad headache or stress, it’s lushful beautiful scent will still become a highlight of your day.