5 Best Garden Tool Sets

While many people (including me) like to order their meals a la carte, there’s no denying that meat sets make the job of deciding what to eat at a restaurant so much easier.

In fact, now that I think about it, I find myself ordering more set meals than dish items individually.

When I walk into a fast food restaurant, why order just a burger and a drink when I can have an extra side item and larger sized drink with just another dollar.

I might not want to order the side food item in the first place. But when the set meal arrives, I always seem to gobble down the side feeling that I have done a good job in getting more value by ordering the set meal.

The same thing can be said of gardening tools.

You might think that all you need is a pruner and picked it up at the store for $2. A little while later, you find that you need a shovel and spend another $2 on it. Then a glove becomes necessary as you start finding cuts on your hands and fingers.

Before you know it, you will be spending a lot of money by buying some of the most common gardening tools individually.

And they are all in such a variety of colors that they look like Skittles in your yard.

Why not spend a little money up front to purchase a whole set of essential gardening tools?

That are actually inexpensive as a set. They match in design and color. And you are going to eventually need some types of gardening tools that you don’t think you need.

Moreover, you might be using a particular tool to do a particular task, when a more appropriate tool would make the job much easier increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some of the best garden tool sets for your consideration.

Best Overall – Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set

The metallic parts of this tool set is made of stainless steel and rust resistant aluminum for durability and toughness.

The tool set consist of:

  1. Spade
  2. Cultivator
  3. Weeder
  4. Rake hoe
  5. Trowel shovel
  6. Pruning shears
  7. Watering spray bottle
  8. Gloves
  9. Carrier tote bag

Branded as an all-on-one garden tool kit, each metal hand tool is manufactured with rubber handles for a comfortable and firm grip.

The handle is designed to be comfortable even for seniors with arthritis and kids.

The color theme of this group of Vremi gardening tools is yellowish green which blends in nicely with a yard full of flowering plants.

It also comes with a rugged-looking organizer tote bag with a large interior compartment and 8 external pockets so that you can fit all 9 tools nicely on it.


  • Elastic loops on tote bag secures tools
  • Priced right smack in between cheap and expensive
  • Great for beginners or as a gift


  • Design might be considered dull to some

This is a great package of tools for new gardeners and the occasional hobbyist.

However if you frequently do tasks that require more heavy duty gardening tools, then…

Best Heavy Duty – TACKLIFE GGT4A

If you are a regular gardener who spends a lot of time beautifying and maintaining the garden, you can hardly get anything better than the TACKLIFE Garden Tools Set consisting of 6 heavy duty stainless steel precision-made hand tools and 1 sturdy tote storage bag.

The lineup of tools are:

  1. General purpose trowel
  2. Transplant trowel
  3. Soil scoop
  4. Bypass pruning shears
  5. Cultivator
  6. Weeder
  7. Tote bag

With one of the highest level of hardness fused into the heavy duty stainless steel, you will have little worry with the hand tools breaking apart when digging and cutting.

There is also no need to worry about rust corroding the metal parts.

With a 9-slot tote bag made with a mixture of cotton and polyester, it can store all the tools and more.

With attention to the details, the soil scoop is designed and fabricated with serrated edges for more efficient usage.

With a color theme of black and orange, the tool handles are engineered with ergonomic rubber grips meant to reduce pressure on wrists.

Moreover, holes at the end of the handles make it easy to hang them around.


  • Bag can store more than just the tools in the set
  • Strong, durable, precision-made tools
  • It’s all in the details
  • 24 month warranty


  • 7 tools
  • Expensive

If you are taking gardening seriously or as a career, this set of garden tools will not just help you do more easy duty tasks easier, they are going to last you a long time too.

Best Value – UKOKE UGP02G

Just slightly pricier than the Vremi set, which is considered the best overall, the UKOKE UGP02G garden tool set consist of 12 items.

This extended line up consist of:

  1. Trowel
  2. Cultivator
  3. Pruning shears
  4. Snips
  5. Gardening gloves
  6. Hand rake
  7. Weeder
  8. Transplanter
  9. Spray bottle
  10. Kneeling pad
  11. Waterproof apron
  12. Tote bag

Yet it’s not just the higher number of items that make this product more worthwhile.

The feature that really makes this a best value buy is that the metal parts of the tools are made of heavy duty cast aluminum alloy.

Except the pruner blades that are made of high Carbon SK-5 Steel for sharpness and toughness.

That’s almost military grade material!

By including a kneeling pad and waterproof apron into the pack, UKOKE shows that they understand gardening is not all about tools and passion.

There are other physical problems that gardeners face as well.


  • 12 item set
  • Kneeling pad and waterproof apron
  • 12 month replacement warranty


  • Odd color combination of bright orange and bright green

Whether you need the gardening tools for loosening soil, digging, or cutting, you will find everything you need in this set.

Best Budget – Wrapables Indoor

Maybe you are taking on a gardening task and need appropriate tools. And you would like to get a set of essential tools in case you need them again in future.

Maybe you live in an apartment and just need to attend to a few indoor plants.

Maybe you want to spend as little as possible to try out as a hobbyist and then purchase a much better tool set when you are sure that you are into gardening for the long haul.

Maybe you are just a little tight on cash.

Whatever the reason you are keeping your budget in check, the Wrapables Indoor set of gardening tool set is packaged with 7 essential tool items and very friendly to the wallet.

This good valued product has:

  1. Trowel
  2. Snips
  3. Pruner
  4. Rake
  5. Shovel
  6. Glass spray bottle
  7. Tote carrier bag

You will find the most basic set of tools very suitable and able for light work with potted plants.

There’s really no need to get high end gardening tools when you don’t need them. That would be excessive.

The tote bag has a huge internal compartment if you need it to contain other items.

But what’s really an eye-opener is the gorgeously-looking spray bottle which you might mistake for a perfume bottle at the mall.


  • Very affordable
  • All you need for small plants


  • Smaller sized tools
  • Ugly tote bag
  • Not for extensive gardening works

Best aesthetic design – Scuddles SC-GB-01

The gardening tool set don’t need to just show that you are a hands-on person who’s not afraid to get your hands dirty.

It could be a fashion statement as well.

The Scuddles SC-GB-01 is a 8-piece tool set that is both practical and stylish.

It is made up of:

  1. Shovel
  2. Mini rake
  3. Construction grade heavy duty gloves
  4. Spade
  5. Hand weeder
  6. Trowel
  7. Cultivator
  8. Designer-style tote bag

With tool heads made with anti-rust stainless steel that is coated matte black, they might pass off as kitchen utensils in a modern kitchen.

Think oversized forks and spoons…

Combines with wooden handles, the gardening tools looks so much more appealing than other sets of tools we’ve reviewed.

The tote bag comes in a Choisya colored background with love floral prints on external packets.


  • Stylish design
  • Great looking hand tools
  • Competitively priced


  • Only 1 available color theme
  • No pruner and snips

If appearance is a critical factor in your buying decision, then this set from Scuddles is one you need to take a look at.

Which one to choose?

As with most products, the garden tool set that is most suitable for you depends on your needs.

If you cannot decide, then you can’t go wrong with Vremi. And UKOKE UGP02G if you have a few more dollars to spare.

If you need heavy duty equipment, the TACKLIFE GGT4A won’t disappoint you.

Finally, do be mindful that these tools are not going to transform you into a veteran professional horticulture expert instantly. Gardening skills have be learned and harnessed.

And do be careful when working with these tools as they can become a safety hazard when you use them wrongly. Accidents can happen.